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An Uncommon team of bio-creators, forging a healthier future of food.

It’s uncommon science for the common good.

Sizzling soon:

What’s cooking?

We’re a pluripotent team of creative minds, warm hearts, and their associated cells.

We see science as an artistic and emotive calling.

It’s a creative realm where we break new ground using powerful, diverse talents and perspectives.

We care deeply for people, planet, and each other — that’s truly at the heart of health, and it’s our biggest motivator to achieve quality and safety.

We treat the world around us with respect, openness, and sincerity.

We are driven and focused, never letting setbacks get in the way of our ambitious goals.

We’re firm in our beliefs (not inflexible) while constantly critically assessing and improving all we do.

We are brave in our pursuit of daring solutions — delivering with precision, quality, and flair.

Moving quickly and with purpose, we make a high-quality, long-term impact, ASAP.

What do we all have Uncommon?

We’re restless visionaries, all united by our belief in the creative potential of cell biology to shape better health for all.

We’re committed to bringing science and engineering closer to people and inspiring a new generation of inquisitive bio-creators.

We’re seeking remarkable people to do extraordinary things.

Do you have a dash of the luminary? Do you see Picasso through the microscope? Do you have an urgent sense of daring? A Dalí-esque perspective on the world around you?

We do bold biotechnology in uncharted territory. You should do it with us.


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